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Driveway Patrol -Infrared Wireless Alert System, 400 FT. Range Sensor

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Keep Your Family Safe

Works at Night as well…..Driveway Patrol Security Alarm Wireless Motion Sensor

Just place the Waterproof Driveway Patrol transmitter outside and put the receiver inside. It installs in seconds and no tools or wires are needed. When someone approaches, it sends a signal to alert you over a 400-foot range. This wireless driveway alarm system employs advanced infrared motion detection technology. Use it to detect visitors, vehicles, intruders or kids coming and going. Use it anywhere in your home to monitor the mailbox, front door, garage or driveway. You'll never be surprised again!

Features Include:

* Installs in seconds
* No tools or wires
* Motion activated
* Detects people or vehicles
* Battery operated
* Durable weather resistant plastic construction
* 400 foot transmission distance between transmitter and receiver
* Receiver makes a pleasant chiming sound when sensor is crossed
* Receiver uses 3 C-sized batteries and transmitter uses one 9V battery (not included)

Sensor will sense any movement aprox. 400ft feet away.

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