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Temple of Heaven - China Green Tea - Special Gunpowder Loose

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The tea leaves are rolled into very small pieces, so only a very small amount of tea are needed to prepare a good cup of tea. It takes a special skill to roll tea leaves into this unusual shape. Because they are so tightly rolled, these little pellets keep exceptionally well which is rare for a high quality green tea. When hot water is added, the little balls unfold gracefully and produce a flavorful dark green brew with a unique fragrance and a delightful, lingering aftertaste. The best Gunpowder Green Tea is Temple of Heaven Brand. It's not only famous in China but also all over the world. Gunpowder Green Tea derives its name from the shape of its finished tea. The very dark green tea leaves have been rolled into little pellets which look like gunpowder to some connoisseurs. Meanwhile people call it Gunpowder Because: The tea is so well curled and tightened which looks like a small ball or pearl; when you put the tea into your hands, you feel it is heavy; when you pour boiling water into the tea, you can see all large tea leaves spreading out immediately just like explosion. Good Gunpowder Tea uses older tea leaves unlike other varieties of green tea. Tea steeped from Gunpowder has a dark golden color, roasted or toasted taste with a strong aftertaste lingering in the front palette, and a strong roasted or toasted aroma. You can also judge the quality of Gunpowder Green by its appearance. The well tightened and curled tea looks like tiny pearl with dark-green shining color. In West Africa this tea is often drunk as a past time for relaxation, it is commonly known as Attaya.

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